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Addiction is a disease that presents itself to an otherwise healthy person as a type of physical and mental euphoria. The truth is that addictive drugs like opioids can lead to disability and death. Opioid addiction is a national crisis, causing over 100 deaths by overdose every single day. Dr. Vaul Phillips, MD, at Rehabit SMARTCenter, LLC in Glenn Dale, Maryland, has the necessary experience to treat and heal addiction. Book an appointment online or call the office today.

Addiction Medicine Q & A

What is addiction medicine?

Addiction medicine helps wean people off of addictive drugs like opioids. Addiction recovery is a process that involves medication and therapy. Both treatments are necessary to complete the recovery process, but it begins with the proper prescription.

First introduced in 1937 in Germany, methadone was the addiction medicine of choice for decades. Suboxone is much newer, having only gained FDA approval in 2002 to help treat opioid dependency.

Like methadone, Suboxone is a synthetic opioid. But unlike methadone, which was developed to kill pain on the battlefield and only later discovered to be an effective treatment for opioid dependence, Suboxone was developed with the primary purpose of helping to fight addiction.  

What is a medicine-assisted treatment for opioid addiction?

Suboxone® is the most common medicinal treatment for opioid addiction. It’s a combination of a drug called buprenorphine and another called naloxone. Naloxone combats the chemical processes of opioids directly, and buprenorphine makes the physically extreme process of detoxification more manageable.

Suboxone has improved the lives of many opioid addicts, and it has reduced the use of not just opioids, but other addictive drugs. Addiction is both a physical and mental disease, and Suboxone can help you better conceptualize the process toward recovery.

Dr. Phillips closely monitors your progress with Suboxone, with the ultimate goals being a life free from opioids and establishing the mental abilities required to perpetually fight off the triggers of addiction.

Does Suboxone carry any risks?

Suboxone treatment carries its own serious risk. It is a medication that gradually dilutes opioid addiction, and, if abused, it too can become addictive. Patients must eventually stop taking Suboxone and can only complete the recovery process without it. Suboxone can help addicts get to a physical and mental state where it is once again possible to have control of their actions, make beneficial decisions, and function in society.

If you are ready for a savvy, caring professional to empower you to get the upper hand over addiction, Dr. Phillips from Rehabit SMARTCenter, LLC in Glenn Dale, Maryland, can help. Call to book an appointment today.