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The joints in your body keep you moving, but arthritis is a wide-ranging joint disease that can prevent you from your most basic functions and movements. Dr. Vaul Phillips, MD, from Rehabit SMARTCenter, LLC in Glenn Dale, Maryland, has expertise in an array of medical solutions for arthritis that will help you both prevent and manage the potential damage to your joints.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America, but unbeknownst to many, “arthritis” is not a specific diagnosis. It is a general term that encompasses over 100 different kinds of joint pain and disease. It is most common among women, and your chances of incurring arthritis increase as you get older, but it can affect all regardless of age or gender.

How can I tell if I have arthritis?

One of the first signs of arthritis is a decreased range of motion in any of your joints. The pain in the joint is accompanied by swelling and/or stiffness. Other signs include jump redness and warmth, low-grade fever, anemia, fatigue, limping and loss of motion.  Pain can be mild or severe.

What causes arthritis?

As is the case with many diseases, genetics, aging, and prior injury are all causes of arthritis. Knowledge of your family’s medical history is important, as is the awareness of any previous injuries that can make your joints more susceptible to contracting the disease.

Obesity and prior injury can lead to arthritis. Physical activity helps keep you at a healthy weight, which relieves additional pressure to your joints.

What are the dangers of arthritis?

If your pain becomes chronic, you run the risk of permanent changes to the affected joints. This risk, however, does not stop at your joints. It can affect your organs, too. The heart, kidneys, and lungs, and even your eyes run the risk of damage from arthritis.

Because most arthritic symptoms can only be felt and not seen, early medical attention and analysis by way of an X-ray or blood test are essential to prevent permanent changes.

What can I do to manage or prevent arthritis?

If you have already developed arthritic pain, you still want to engage in regular physical activity, but your periods of rest are equally important. Dr. Phillips will provide the exercise regimen to help you avoid excessive damage, beneficial weight training techniques on the muscles around the joint, and hot and cold therapies to help with pain and swelling. Dr. Phillips can prescribe necessary assistive medical devices, along with pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

Dr. Phillips can find the arthritis treatment that’s right for you. Call Rehabit SMARTCenter, LLC in Glenn Dale, Maryland, to make an appointment today.