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Back, neck and knee pain can come and go suddenly, but chronic pain can last for years. The location and severity of these pains can vary, which is why all are worrisome and in need medical attention early on. Dr. Vaul Phillips, MD, from Rehabit SMARTCenter, LLC in Glenn Dale, Maryland, has the expertise to heal your knee, back, or neck pain properly. Call or book an appointment online today.

Back, Knee & Neck Pain Q & A

Why do I have knee, back, and neck pain?

Knee pain includes everything from torn ligaments or cartilage to arthritis, gout, infection, sprains, and strains. Swelling, stiffness, redness, instability, popping sounds, or the basic inability to straighten the knee are all symptoms of knee pain.

Weak quadriceps, hamstrings, or knee muscles are the major causes of a knee injury. Any prior or current fractures, infections, arthritic joints, slipped discs, pinched nerves, or abnormal growths are also possible causes.

Knee and back problems can come from obesity, lack of muscle flexibility and tone, previous injuries, playing sports, or simply standing or sitting for too long.

If you can't bear weight on or extend your knee, experience swelling, or notice a visible deformity, schedule an appointment immediately.

Back pain ranges from mild to disabling, restricting normal mobility. There can be numbness or tingling around the knees and legs or stiffness along the spine. Pain from the back to your buttocks to your legs, all the way down to your toes can be symptoms of back pain.

Back and neck pain can come from the long-term overuse of muscles and ligaments (e.g., repetitive lifting) or from an immediate traumatic strain (e.g., heavy lifting).

Neck pain occurs around your cervical vertebrae. Symptoms of neck pain include arm numbness, headaches, and shoulder pain.

How do I prevent knee, back, and neck pain?

Maintaining a healthy weight, stretching, and using the right technique when conditioning are very important. Dr. Phillips can take X-rays and perform detailed physical evaluations to identify the treatment options and preventive actions that are best for you.

What are some treatments for knee, back, and neck pain?

Surgery is a viable solution for knee, back, and neck injuries. Recovery involves physical therapy and the use of a brace or corset for extra support.

Dr. Phillips can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants for recovery, in addition to a specific strength and aerobic exercise routine. Dr. Phillips can administer specific joint injections, as well as take X-rays and MRIs, and can give referrals for radiographic evaluations.

For more information about neck, knee, or back pain or to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact Rehabit SMARTCenter, LLC today.