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Q. How do I get in touch with Dr. Phillips?

A. Just simply call or text (240) 245-4211 and leave a message and he will contact you promptly or you can always send him an email from the 'Contact Us' page.


Q. What type of payment is accepted?

A. Credit/Debit card, Insurance and PayPal payments are accepted.

Q. How quickly will I get an appointment?

A. You can usually get an appointment within 48 hours.

Q. Will Dr. Phillips prescribe meds on the first visit?

A. Yes, he usually does.

Q. Is Dr. Phillips qualified to write for controlled substances?

A. Yes

Q. Does Dr. Phillips prescribe meds electronically?

A. Yes

Q. Does Dr. Phillips provide Telehealth/Telemedicine options?

A. Yes

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